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Cockodile Clothing Collections starting in 2020: Stay tuned!

In 2020 three different shirt collections will start on this site: 

One is telling everyone clearly and nice what kind of sexuality yours is. (Desire Splash) 

The second will tell what kind of fetish you're in. (Fetish Splash)

And the third is breaking every rule while telling the world what you think when it comes to kinks. (Hardcore Splash)

The shirts are made from 100% premium cotton with an ecoprint. Every single shirt will be reviewed separately to ensure the best quality. While the production is running in the Netherlands the shipping is done in Germany, so you don't have to wait weeks to get your shirts. The guarantee says "order your shirt a week before the pride (CSD) starts and you'll get it in time." We offer every slogan in two types, a black and a white one. The sizes vary from S to XXL. The first 100 customers get an discount of 20% to celebrate the new year! Just use the code 2020 when checking out. All pricing include free shipping from/to Germany. 

At the moment the only possible way to pay for our shirts is credit card. We are working hard to deliver more options soon. Klarna has made an offer as well als PayPal, but both of them are not compatible with this website. So please hang on a bit. When we're on tour with our shirts you can buy them with cash or EC card. As soon as we have further information you will get it right here. Thanks for your patience! 

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Cockodile Desire Splash Shirts - say it out loud!

Cockodile Fetish Splash Shirts - now everyone knows.

Cockodile Hardcore Splash Shirts - the unmistakables.