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I want to break new ground in 2019. I would like to bring marketing and social commitment under one roof with a gigantic "Pride Campaign": I had 25,000 small rainbow flags printed for the north German CSD parades to show presence for the community. Background information: The rainbow flag gilded as an international symbol of the gay rights movement. The little flags have the Tupperware logo and my website. My website is on it so that it is clear where the flags come from. The logo of the Tupperware company is just an eye-catcher. It is always better to have a large company behind you. Tupperware Germany actually has nothing to do with this promotion. I did the idea, financing and implementation on my own. Why am I giving so much energy in such an unsuccessful advertising campaign? Because I always do everything with heart and soul. The other reason is simply my social engagement. I am pansexual myself, so I often have to explain myself. When I was at school I thought I was gay. This led to an extremely intimidating and formative phase of bullying. I want to protect others from this. That's why I'm always one of the loudest voices in the fight for equality. For all! made a nice review of the CSD in Osnabrück:

YouTube user "Marcel Kapunkt" provides a look back at the CSD Hannover:

Here you can see the great review of the 25th CSD Northwest in Oldenburg from NWZplay:

You can find my absolute highlight of the year on the Lucas Schulte-Sasse channel. Because to top it all off, I had prepared a big surprise: Together with the organizers of the LGBTQ party "Planet Queer!" I sent my own truck from Bremen to the parade of the CSD Bremen. A dream came true. You can imagine that this dream swallowed up several thousand euros, considering what is connected to such an event. If you want to help me get this amount back in, I'm very happy to have a Tupperware Homeparty. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to accept donations. From February 2020 you will be able to by some nice "Pride Shirts" on my site too.

Osnabrück 27. April ✅

Hannover 08. June ✅

Oldenburg 15. June ✅

Cloppenburg 22. June ✅

Köln 07. July ✅

Hamburg 03. August ✅

Bremen 31. August ✅

By the way: You can find the perfect playlist for the 2019 CSD / Pride season on my Apple Music Account!